Acrylic Pour Clocks

Each clock is a one-of-kind acrylic pour on a 12″ LP record. Clock mechanism has hanger and  requires one AA battery (not included).

Click images for larger view.

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# CL23 – Cobalt blue, white and silver glitter. Silver hands.

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# CL5 – Violet, green, gold and black. White hands.


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# CL12b – Wave washing over sand. White hands.

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# CL18 – Iridescent blue, green, gold and purple. Gold hands.


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# CL9 – Cream, black and fire opal. Black hands.

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# CL13 – Dark blue, green and gold. Gold hands.


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# CL16 – Cream, bronze, metallic teal and black. Gold hands.

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# CL11 – Blue, green and violet. White hands.