About The Artist

Artist statement by Florence Ancillotti

I have always been mesmerized by the interplay of COLOR and patterns in the world around me. Think of a frosted skylight on a winter morning or the fantastically diverse hues in flowers, the depth of color in gems and minerals, or sunrises and sunsets. From the lightest pinks to the deepest blues, it is always amazing to me how color can change the simplest setting to an awe inspiring sight. If I think of what inspires me to paint I need look no further.

I have also found that bringing various objects from nature indoors seems to infuse my home and studio with a positive ENERGY that continually brings me JOY. Nature’s bounty is what I draw from to create art that expresses these qualities, whether it be a spontaneous acrylic pour or a meticulously painted bouquet.

Working with luscious and vibrant acrylic paints, I am able to create paintings that express what I feel and can turn an everyday item into a work of art. Acrylic paint works equally well on many surfaces including canvas, vinyl, wood, and ceramics. This quality enables me to create art pieces that are both functional and beautiful such as clocks, table tops and coasters in addition to the more traditional pieces.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website.

Florence Ancillotti

Florence Ancillotti at IN THE MKNG™ at Bethel Woods.